HYATT Hotel sells points up to 40% bonus

HYATT Hotel sells points up to 40% bonus

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Time: As of October 25th

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A lot of people are waiting for this deal, finally came, the speed to start it, HYATT in April and July, respectively, had two target 40% bonus activities, but these two are not everyone can buy this Time is that everyone can buy, it can be said that this is the only time a 40% bonus, so sure and certainly worth starting to buy

Each ID can buy up to 55000 points +22000 distribution of = 77000 points

77000 points = 1320 US dollars = about 171 US dollars / million points = about 1141 yuan / million

The price is the lowest price of the official website, but also in addition to the annual daily gateways snapping activities can be found in addition to the lowest of the cheapest channels

I give you the proposal is that three words: buy buy! . .


HYATT points benifit:

30% bonus before the time to write: 3K cost of stay in Maldives Park Hyatt PARK HYATT is not a dream!

HYATT exchange form

You can see such as the Maldives PARK HYATT as long as 25,000 points = 2853 yuan tax / night, I think the price where you are not set it.

So now you have to do is to find the hotel you want to see his grade (the official website of each hotel page you can see) and then multiplied by the price per million copies of 1141 can be the official website price comparison.